Welcome to Apefit

Thank you for visiting my site!  I’m happy you’re here!  Most people who exercise and eat healthy feel like they HAVE TO do it because someone told them to. What if you changed your mindset and worked out with the purpose of FEELING BETTER and being able to live life more fully.  What if you chose nutrition that made you feel your absolute best and it tasted good at the same time?   What if you made yourself strong and mobile so you could enjoy more time with your family and friends and do more things that bring you joy.  There is nothing more empowering than feeling good in your body.  You can’t put a price on health. It’s inevitable that we won’t live forever but while we are here we should FEEL our absolute BEST!  When you FEEL GOOD you LOOK GOOD!  I am here to help you bring fun and joy into your life the Ape Fit way!  Welcome to the Jungle!  Awesomeness is awaiting…

Personal Training

Individualized programs implementing new lifestyle habits. Sometimes we just need a little extra motivation. I make exercise fun! Small changes over time equal BIG changes! Implementing nutrition with exercise is a vital key. I will show you ways to make your food fun too! I believe in hard work but a pleasurable experience is important especially when it comes to your food.




What if you could implement simple strategies that make profound effects on your health? Are you up for the challenge?