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Food Matters

Happy Friday! Yay! Another great week! Coming up on the end of 3 weeks eating plant based and I'm feeling better and better everyday. Sleeping deeper, recovering faster, getting stronger and more energy. What is better than that? You see, we have total control over what we put in our bodies. That gives us power because we can't put the blame on someone else. I love feeling powerful when it comes to my choices and how I feel. There's nothing in this world better than feeling good!! Whatever you are eating, just make conscious choices and make sure it doesn't have a long label. Your body can't process all of that stuff. It doesn't even know what it is. What you ingest today, you are going to feel later so make sure it's the right choices. There's consequences to everything.

You only get one body--take care of it as if you were borrowing it from your best friend. You wouldn't give it back to your best friend in the worst shape possible, would you? You would put the best fuel in it and treat it the absolute best.

Everyone wants the magic pill. You can tell someone exactly what to do but they want a shortcut. It takes eating the right foods, drinking water and exercising everyday--not only when you feel like it. Your body requires attention otherwise it's like a rebellious kid; it's going to get your attention somehow. Better to take care of it!

It's funny people think they are going to be missing out on something by not eating everything they've been eating. Once you begin to see how great everything tastes and how good you feel you will wonder how in the world you ever ate the other way. It will give you a whole different outlook on food. It can nourish you or it can poison you. It can heal you or kill you. The choice really is yours. That's pretty powerful stuff. Just take a moment before you order something and say to yourself: is this going to be of service to me where I can do more good in the world or is it going to make me weak? My choices strengthen me when I look at it from that perspective.

If you haven't been treating yourself the best; the awesome thing is that you can start today making new choices. Sure, you might have people around you trying to keep you doing what you've been doing because they're comfortable but you have to do what's right for you. Stand strong and forge ahead. They will begin to see how great you are looking and feeling and want to join you. Sometimes you have to be the one who makes the first move and then others will join you. Sure it's scary because it's new territory but that's what makes it exciting. I say if you want something just go for it! Your health is worth it! Here's to feeling better and better everyday! Check out Matthew Kenney and Brendan Brazier! Awesome stuff!! Have a phenemonominal Friday!! Here's to empowering ourselves and not the healthcare industry!

April ;)

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