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One Vegetable at a Time

Happy Saturday! It's funny when you're growing up you always hear eat more vegetables and then most people as they get older they don't eat any vegetables at all. It really goes back to what you teach your kids; you have to do for yourself what you tell your kids to do and be a good example. Eating vegetables is like health insurance, it might cost a little bit more now but it will save you money in the future where as with standard health insurance it costs you a lot now and a lot later. I really try to stay away from things that are packaged now because of all of the fillers that they add to them. Package products aren't nutrient dense and isn't that the reason that we are eating, for nutrition? Sure, it's nice to eat for flavor but not for filler. The filler has to go somewhere, right? It usually goes to right where you don't want it to.

When you really begin to eat foods that are full of nutrition, then you don't have to eat near as much because your body is satisfied. It might take a little while to convince your body that you don't want all of that packaged stuff but once you begin to eat natural homegrown foods then all of that other stuff will taste like chemicals. It's just that we as a society have gotten used to eating that way and that's what everyone does. We have to make a decision to do the best for ourselves and that starts with what we are eating. Your food is supposed to energize you and make you feel good! Instead of taking things out of your current nutrition plan; just start adding in good stuff and pretty soon there won't be any room for the not so good stuff. Just something to think about! Until next time!

April :)

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