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You are What You Eat

Happy Sunday! I think it's pretty awesome that you can start today and completely change the makeup of yourself. The human body is pretty amazing! It first begins with the decision to start today, right now! Not tomorrow or the next day or after you finish off that pint of ice cream. Just like anything whether you are baking a cake or building a healthier body they both require recipes. If you leave out a missing ingredient in the cake, it just doesn't come out right, does it? The same goes for your body, if you leave out missing ingredients then you don't get the body or health you're looking for. It does require dedication on your part but you are worth it. Sometimes it requires a drastic change in what you are currently doing or just gradually changing things. I'm kind of an all or none kind of person. I say if you're going to do something you should go all the way and just go for it! It's your health and if you start making positive changes today, then you are going to start experiencing great feedback. You're going to feel better, look better, have more energy and for most people get their lives back. I think a lot of people don't realize how great they could really feel. I feel better and better every single day! That's how life is supposed to be!

I think sometimes maybe I think differently but maybe that' s why I am where I am today writing this. Your health is your most prized possession. Take all the necessary steps to make it the best you can. The class I just took really shifted the way I view food now even more and I am so thankful for that! I walk into the store and go right for the vegetables and I don't look at things that aren't going to do me any good. When you think about the supermarket you really should just walk around the perimeter because everything in the middle serves no real purpose--a waste of time and energy really because your body can't break down stuff it doesn't recognize. I say eat like the Indians. They walked outside and got food out of their garden. They didn't have grocery stores to go to. Your food is supposed to nourish you and give you energy so you can do your best while you're here. Don't put junk in it unless that's what you want. No junk in the trunk because that's where it will go ;). Honestly when you think about it; why on earth would anyone eat anything that is called junk (food) if your goal is health? Vibrancy is what we are looking for ;).

It's super great because you can start right now if you truly want to feel your best! It just starts with the decision! You are powerful! You can do it! Until next time!

April :)

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