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If Not Now, When ?

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Happy Sunday! It's a brand new week full of possibilities ahead of you. I asked someone today how he was doing as I was leaving the gym and he said, "well, I have a pulse." I said that's great, and you're above ground! That's even better! What if you could have the the health you desired right now today instead of just wishing for it? Would you do things differently or would you continue to make the same choices in your life? We are given bodies to take care of. We aren't renting them. They've got to last us. Not only last us but feel good while we are in them. Sure, you can get new parts but wouldn't it be easier to take care of the ones you have? I see so many people today not taking care of themselves and I guess I just don't understand. Do they not know? Everyone should have a body they feel good in and we are able to do that with the choices we make. The body is such an amazing piece of machinery. It amazes me how it all works together so perfectly.

I don't watch TV anymore but the commercials they do have are for all the medications you should take if you eat certain things. An antacid for this and that. Your body talks to you in the language of sensation to tell you something for your own good. It's not asking you to mask it with antacids, etc. It's saying, hey you, please take better care of me so I can take care of you! It's a beautiful thing that it speaks to you! If you don't listen, it speaks louder. Try to start paying attention. It will be polite at first and if you continue to not listen it speaks louder for your own good.

So, tomorrow is Monday and that means opportunity. Maybe you could start getting up earlier or getting your meals prepared the day before. There's lots of small things you can do to make your life easier and healthier. It will take some work on your part but your health is worth it. It will mean no more fast food. I don't even know who came up with fast food. We aren't meant to eat fast unless you're having to chase after it and then that would make sense :). I don't know anyone who feels good after they eat that way. I don't think the majority of people know how good they're supposed to feel. Once you make a decision to be healthy then the rest is easy because everything will show up for you in your choices. You will begin to think differently. Decision is a beautiful thing! One healthy choice leads to another healthy choice. It's like compounding interest with your body. You feel better and better! Responsibility for your own health is such a powerful thing to have! So here's to a great week ahead. Doesn't matter what you did yesterday for we aren't looking back, we are looking to great health ahead of us. Here's to "Mon"yay!! Make a commitment to yourself! You're worth it!

April :o)

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