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Live in Color

As I watched the sunset tonight, the colors just kept changing. Just like in life--it's ever changing. Right when I thought the sunset was over and I was ready to go home, the skies began to change to brilliant colors. Sometimes in life we turn around too soon and miss all of the beautiful things that were waiting there for us if we had just been a little more patient or just held in there a little longer. You never know really. Things seem like they don't change too much from day to day but when you look back everything is different. There have been some things lately that I want to hold onto tightly for I like things just the way they are but things happen in life to propel us forward. I guess that's what I get for picking the word adventure for the year. It's funny in life when you find a new passion how that is all you see. It was never there before and then instantly it's there, like it's been there all along. I believe it has been there all along. Just takes time and appreciation to bring it out sometimes.

Here's to never missing a sunset! No need to worry, with me around you will never miss one! May you always live your life in color...

April :)

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