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Fall in love with moments

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Happy Friday Eve (or Thursday for others)! As I was watching the sunset tonight I realized why I love it so much! It’s like time stands still for that brief period and that is all you are engulfed in. You notice everything around you, the sound of the crashing waves, the birds and the laughs from people, and the feeling of sand between your toes. It heightens all of your senses and you are all there (the NOW they are always speaking about).

There happened to be a Doberman get loose and it was running around like crazy chasing seagulls very happily and all you could do was smile witnessing that beauty. Such simple joy and I didn’t have to pay a thing for it. It’s like when I’m in the gym working out or on my yoga trapeze I feel the exact same way. It causes you to pay attention and that is what we are all searching for in life. When you SHOW UP in life and stay committed to things, beautiful things transpire.

As I’m sitting editing and going through my videos and pictures it has me relive those moments all over again and it makes me smile. I’ve never really taken too many pictures in my life or recorded things. I just happened to start doing that back at the end of June and I’m happy I’m able to share it so hopefully it brings a smile to someone else’s face too. So here’s to never missing a sunset or a workout because that means missing beautiful moments. Moments are all we have. Until tomorrow…

April :o)

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