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In the moment

Happy Friday! It's funny in life how quickly things can change. I was driving through Venice earlier on my way to an appointment and there were a couple of guys with jumper cables waving as I drove by with the hood up on the car. As I was driving I thought, how can I just drive by when I had a blessing happen to me today? I thought I was going to have to move and I found out today I get to stay. I love where I live and I guess just thinking I was going to have to move made me appreciate it even more. Maybe that was the point of everything. What a sense of relief came over me the moment I heard. Life changes so quickly. I drove back around the block and they were so thankful. In life, we should always pay forward. I've been in their position and know what it feels like so I left with my heart feeling happy and that I did the right thing. I could have just driven by, but that's not why I'm here. My parents taught me that and that's what I love about them so much is how they treat others. I'm super blessed and then I got to see this beautiful sunset. Hope you enjoy it too! Sleep time for me so I can wake up early for the gym. Until tomorrow! Never miss a sunset...

April :o)

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