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Happy Monday! It's so empowering to know that you have choices about your health. It begins with the food you eat. I was thinking, what if in the future the side effects would be listed just like on medications on the menu. Food really is medicine. It's no coincidence that Pharmacy has (farm) in it. I am always studying on nutrition and I think because I know better that it affects me faster than someone who doesn't know any better. We could probably take out the majority of medications if everyone would eat according to being nourished and for energy.

Just imagine for a moment you were ordering this off of the menu. I would say, I would like vitality, energy, recovery, alkalinity with a splash of color. I would imagine after eating this I would feel nourished and satisfied because it is full of the proper nutrients leaving you feeling satisfied. Plus, it just looks alive and vibrant! It took time to make and was made with love so the body knows that and it is utilized even better.


If I were to order the meal below, the first thoughts that enter my brain are: I would like some inflammation, lethargy and delayed recovery time. This meal leaves me still feeling full even though is a large volume of food. The calories are empty because they lack nourishment and isn't that the reason we eat? If you compare the one above to this one, which one looks like it's going to do more for your body?


Here's to making the best possible choices when it comes to your food choices because it really does affect your whole health. Sure, it might cost more now but it will save you money in the future. Until next time...


Here's to never missing a sunset...

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