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Colors & Numbers

Happy "Tues"YAY!! A really fun book I recommend is Louise Hay’s Colors and Numbers. I’m always looking to make everything FUN and this makes it fun to get ready for the day, plus you just FEEL like you have that extra umph! Takes a little memorizing but you'll have it down in no time.

To find the Universal year vibration you add the current year: 2015 (2+0+1+5) = 8 (you continually reduce the numbers until you have a single digit in numerology. So, 2015 is #8 Universal Year.

To discover your personal year vibration, add your own birth month and birth day to the current Universal Year. For instance my birthday is April 9, you add:

4 (for April)

9 (for the day)

8 (for the Universal year, 2015)

21 (2+1)= #3 My Personal Year (Yellow) Yay for me!!

Personal Month:

To find your personal month vibration for the current month, add your personal year (mine is 3) to the calendar month (January which is 1) = 4 so my personal month is GREEN. I got my toes painted green this month for my color month.

Personal Day:

To find your personal day vibration, you add your personal month (mine is 4) + 13 =17 (7+1)= 8 which is Beige, Brown or Pink. So today I wore pink. You always reduce to single digits in numerology.

For example since my Personal Year is #3

Color: Yellow Gemstone: Topaz

Key word: Enjoyment

This is your year for fun. That which you started two years ago is now beginning to come to life. Believe in yourself. The seeds are beginning to send out roots. The birth is evident. All is well, and you feel it. Love is everywhere. It's a time for friends and doing things you enjoy. Entertainm and go to parties and gatherings. Take vacations and holidays. The influence this year is social and artistic. Express yourself creatively as much as possible. Laugh and smile and sing and dance and spread sunshine all around you. Your year will be full of joy.


"I Love Life and the Joy of Living!"

Colors: Personal Year

#1 Red Beginnings

#2 Orange Cooperate

#3 Yellow Enjoyment

#4 Green Practical

#5 Blue Change

#6 Indigo / Navy Responsibility

#7 Purple / Violet Faith

#8 Beige / Brown / Pink Achievement

#9 All Pastels Completion

#11 / 2 Black / White or Pearl Gray Intuition

#22 / 4 Coral / Russet Greatness

I find it makes life exciting if you plan your days or

things you look forward to with your colors. I am all

about positive energy and everything gives us energy

or takes it away. I LOVE to have ENERGY and this helps

me. I feel like it gives me luck :). You can download the

book on Amazon for $2.99. Hope you enjoy it as much

as I do! Can you feel the good vibrations? ;) I can!

Until tomorrow...

April :0)

And here is sunset of course...

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