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Wishful Thinking by Fredrick Buechner

Happy Saturday! It's funny this morning I was dreaming I couldn't do anything to get my alarm (opportunity) clock to go off. I guess I was sleeping through it and when I finally woke up it had been going off for an hour. It's funny, how I too have that self talk sometimes. Sometimes, it's tempting to go back to sleep but I never really get the proper rest when I do that and I ask myself, "are you going to get to your goals faster if you sleep in?" The answer is always no. I'm happy I got up and made it to the gym though. I'm never disappointed that I get up and go. Afterwards, I drove straight to Manhattan Beach and the surf was beautiful. Intuitively I knew that was going to be a great picture day today! Nothing better than nature and seeing seals and pelicans diving and the sun coming up. I love it! Until next time, enjoy your day! Hope you are doing something fun!

April :)

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