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Marina Del Rey Sunset...

As I was walking along the beach I found a bunch of sand dollars. The purple ones are still alive so I threw them back into the water so hopefully that gives them more life. Sand dollars represent transformation and strength. They say that the purple ones represents spirit in life. I always love finding things like this because I feel like it's a reflection on where I'm at in life.

As I was leaving for sunset, I was speaking with a friend and they said, I bet you're going for sunset and I said of course I am. It's the most important thing you can do for yourself at this time. She said, I bet it looks just like it did yesterday. I said, nope! It will never look the same, just like moments in life are ever changing. Just in the time I'm out there, it changes so much.

I'm officially "APE" over sunsets. I really feel, if everyone took the time out everyday that they would get a new sense of meaning out of life. It's a great exercise for keeping you in the moment as you are engulfing all of the beauty all around you. Life is so precious and we have such a limited amount of it. Why not enjoy every second and end it with a good night kiss from the sun knowing that you got to experience another day and that you are super blessed!

If you don't get to see it in person, then I'm thankful you get to see it here and if you like it, then you are welcome to share it. I say, why keep such a beautiful thing to yourself?

April :)

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