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Goodbye January...

Today is the last day of January. Just seems like the time keeps speeding up. It's so important that we make the most of each moment because we don't get it back. We will never have this day again. Since I've gotten more into photograpy, I see the value in moments. You really have to capture them when they happen, every second counts. As I'm taking sunset shots, the sky is constantly changing from moment. It simply fascinates me.

Sometimes I think, I can do that tomorrow but it might not be there tomorrow. I remember I was going to take a picture of something on the side of a building in Venice and when I went back it was gone. I really focus on making the most of every moment now. I really see the value of being on time. I was speaking with one of my clients today about being on time. When we value something, we are on time for it. When I go workout or take my sunset pictures I can't be late. The sun isn't going to wait for me. It's not going to say, "ok April, it's ok, I'll just stop everything." Nope, it just goes right down so I make sure and be on time. No wasting moments for me!

Until tomorrow... Enjoy the sunset!

April :)

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