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I alone can't change the world...

Happy Tuesday! It's funny, today I woke up and I was ready to go back to go to Bikram. I hadn't been since the end of June. In life you either continue doing something or you stop and start something else. Sometimes we remember the transition and sometimes we dont. I remember one time in Power Yoga, Bryan Kest used to say, "do you remember the last time you did your last somersault when we are in the wheel pose which he calls half a somersault."

If you're trying to develop new healthy habits, just start adding them and you won't have enought time for the bad habits and then you will look back at your life and see all the great things you have in your life that are good for you!

I'm just always trying to fill my life up with positive habits and things to do. I guess back in June I started taking sunrise shots and doing other thing which filled a different part of my life. I think too, sometimes going away from something for a little while just makes you appreciate it that much more when you go back to it. So from this day forward I will be back to Bikram. There really isn't anything better than the feeling in there when you're all done and you're completely drenched :). Always remember: Never miss a sunset, a workout or the chance to help someone...

April :)

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