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Marina Del Rey Sunset...

It's funny! I don't know how it happened with me taking sunset pictures everyday. It's like it all of a sudden became a part of me. I love sunrises too but most of my work is done in the morning so unless someone cancels I don't get to see them as much. There's just something to ending the day in appreciating and just being in the moment and seeing beauty. When I look back at all of the pictures it's just so beautifu and yet they are all so different. in their own way. Sometimes I'm one of the only people down at the beach. I think, how is that possible when so many people live out here? I wish more people would take the time to do that. I don't even think twice about missing. It's like my workouts, I just go. Here's to never missing a sunset, a workout or the opportunity to help someone!

April ;)

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