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Making one person smile can change the world...

Happy Monday! It's funny, I went out to the canals with the intention of using a wood duck quote but there wasn't one duck in sight :). Birds always make me smile--all of the different personalities, just like people. Living in the marina, I see lots of different birds. I guess that's why I like them so much now. They have such freedom flying around. Sometimes I wonder if they know they have that freedom. I brought a bird home the other night that was injured. It was at sunset and it was under the pier. I didn't want to leave him there all alone by itself at night with the risk of being stepped on or have a dog get it so I took him home and laid with him most of the night. He didn't make it but I felt like I made a difference for that little guy, that he was comfortable and loved before he passed on. I felt good in my heart being able to do that for him. When people see me out taking pictures of the birds now, they tell me that it looks like the birds pose for me :). I think they do :). Here's to appreciating nature and taking the time everyday for yourself to do something good for yourself!

April :)

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