Moderation is for monks. Take BIG bites...

Happy Saturday! There is just something about being out in nature. It just keeps you in the moment and you are able to enjoy your surroundings. You don't think about being anywhere else other than where you are. I'm sure I look a little crazy talking with the seagulls but they like attention too. That's the thing about growing older is that you are more yourself and the things that used to bother you don't really matter anymore. It's a beautiful thing to just enjoy things. Being outside in nature and marveling at the beauty of things doesn't cost a thing. Sometimes I'm one of the few people at the beach and I think, " how can this be when I live somewhere and there's millions of people?" I am grateful for where I am today and to just be able to embrace that rather than run from it. So here's to taking more walks and watching sunrises and sunsets and taking the best possible care of yourself so you're able to enjoy every moment you are here! Until next time...

April :)


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