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I'm a kindness ninja!

Happy "Satur"YAY! When I saw this quote, I loved it! I love anything ninja, especially since I watch America Ninja Warrior and what a beautiful way to be; a "kindness" ninja! Kindness is such a beautiful thing. It's free for all of us and we can be kind wherever we go. Not only does it feel good to you and the person receiving it, it affects the people witnessing it. Dr. Wayne Dyer says that it raises serotonin of everyone involved. Yay! Kindness is contagious! I think a lot of times it surprises people. I was blessed to grow up with amazing parents and I was blessed with witnessing that on a daily basis. I really believe there is no other way to be other than that! So here's to being a Kindness Ninja out in the world and never missing a sunset or a workout!

Go Ape Fit!

April :)

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