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I love early mornings when it feeels like the rest of the world is still fast asleep...

Happy "Sun"YAY! When I wake up and I can see clouds, it just makes me happy because I know it's going to be even more beautiful! I am so thankful I enjoy this so much! It makes my heart happy! I believe if everyone was just more grateful that the world would be a much happier place. I look around everyday and think, "WOW," I live here! It would be very easy for me not to acknowledge these things around me and my life would look a whole lot different. Today is my 10 month anniversary of not missing a single sunset. It's funny, I have no idea what made me start doing that--it's like it came out of nowhere and it's a huge part of me now. Can't imagine not doing that now--just like working out. So here's to appreciating all of the beauty that surrounds us!

Never miss a sunset, a workout or the opportunity to help someone!

April :)

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