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Venice Pier Sunset...

When you're committed to something, you don't miss it! (no matter what!). People alway look at me funny when there is no sun in sight and I say I'm going out for sunset. They think it means I get to miss a day just because they don't happen to see it. It's still setting, whether we see it or not. If I miss a day, then I have to start at day 1 again and that's not happening! Someone told me when I got to 600 that I should take a break and start over. That's not really the point. Why would I want to start over after coming this far? Hmmm, day 1 or day 623?!

It's funny, no matter what it is you do in life, if you give yourself a little slack, then it makes it easier to give yourself a little more slack. If you miss one workout or have just one more, then it turns in to a couple more and then all of a sudden you're not doing what you said you would do anymore and it happens rather quickly. So here's to staying committed to whatever it is you said you were going to do! I have to say, "it feels rather good!" Never miss a sunset!

April :)

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