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Fun Food

Happy Wednesday! It's fun to experiment with your food and make it different shapes and textures. Since Halloween is coming up a fun way to spruce up your orange bell peppers is to make them into a pumpkin. Then you can pretty much put whatever ingredients into it you would like. I had found one of those, "as seen on TV", shape makers at Ross which made fun little stars and hearts. I laid it it on a bed of cabbage for a little decoration. This is what I call my "happy meal." The brighter the colors the better for me!

If you begin to make your meal time a sacred time for yourself it really makes a difference. If you sit down and really enjoy it, your body digests better, you take in more nutrients and you tend to eat less because your body actually gets a chance to process everything. When we are rushing through meals it really puts a stress response on the body and that's not the objective of eating. I love to have candles, music, and a beautiful setting. I always eat with chopsticks now and I even use my left hand (I'm right handed) which really slowed me down at first but like with anything, you get better at it. Now I'm better with my left hand. You've got to treat yourself great while you're here. I treat myself top of the line ;) It's meant to be fun and when you begin getting creative with your food then you find that you can make healthy food taste really good. The presentation makes all the difference pretty much with everything in life. Right?!

So here's to making your meal time fun! Treat yourself the best you possibly can while you're here. It's not a dress rehearsal.

Bon Appetite...


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