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Take Me Now

Happy Sunday evening! Have you ever felt this way about the food you shouldn't be eating? It's like it talks to you. If it's anywhere within reach, I think it actually does. That's why honestly I don't keep any of that around me. I told my client the other day that you could look at junk food as "bad pick up lines." You know you want me, one won't hurt you, nobody has to know and so on. When you think of it that way, you really don't want it. There's honestly nothing worse than a bad pick up line :). Just think of it that way and it's a lot easier to turn your cheek the other way. We are here on this earth to empower ourselves and it begins with the way we treat ourselves. The more you fill your life up with the good stuff, then the less room you have for the not so good stuff! So say no to bad pick up lines. You will never look at junk food the same way again! Until next time. Here's to your health!

April :o)

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