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Consistency, Sunsets and Working Out

It’s funny about 7 months ago I just started taking pictures of the sunset. I really don’t know why, it just happened. It brings me joy and when I look back on all of them it’s beautiful to see. In life, we are drawn to those things that are good for us, that bring us joy, if we just stop long enough and pay attention. It’s funny, like clockwork I am headed to the beach at sunset, doesn’t matter where I’m at! If I’m with someone, I say I gotta go ;) I really do! It reminds me with my clients when they are working out, sometimes they don’t always see what’s happening on the inside or the outside, it’s when they look back on it that they see their progress.

For instance today, it’s raining and foggy but I am committed to taking my pictures and just because the sun is behind the clouds, it doesn’t mean it’s not there. People say 21 days to a new habit but honestly if I miss a day, then it’s a lot easier to miss another day and that is why I’m going out in the rain. EVERY workout counts and when you look back on it, you will see that every one of them mattered! Everything counts! We should live every second that way! The world would be a lot different if we all adopted that philosophy!With most people consistency is the missing ingredient that they miss in life with positive things when it comes to their health. They say they don't have time, when really if they gave themselves that time alone (commitment to theirselves) then they would feel better and therefore have more QUALITY time with their family and friends. When you look at it, you are continually consistent with something, whether it be a good or bad habit. It really just depends on your goals in life. Whatever you consistently do is what you get "GOOD" at! So here’s to not missing a sunset or a workout or whatever it is for you that brings you your greatest joy! I at least have the sunset part covered for you, so all you have to do is the workout part!

April :o)

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