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Dream in Color

Happy Sunday! The weekend seemed like it went super fast. Waking up to the sound of rain this morning was so pleasant. It sure was tempting to stay in bed, but I got up and went to the gym. I'm always thankful when I do that. I never seem to rest well if I go back to sleep. It's like I feel guilty for not getting up. The ducks will wake you up so it's kind of hard to sleep in but it's so awesome to have them right outside. I absolutely love it!

Sunday's are my day for prepping my food for the week. I was listening to Dr. Mark Hyman on the Saddleback online service and he talked about the food your taking in as information. I guess I had really not heard it quite that way. What kind of signals are you sending your body? As soon as you ingest something, it starts sending nourishing signals, inflammation, etc. to your body. Think about that next time you sit down to eat. When you grasp onto that, it changes everything in an instant.

I only want the best information going in. I want to be nourished when I eat and my recovery time cut down for my workouts. Eating poorly ages you and that's definitely not anyone's objective in life. Can you imagine if everyone started looking at food th

at way. It would be a completely different world. If we all just started to look at food as medicine like Hippocrates taught us. That's something we have control over, what we put into our bodies. That is so empowering to be in control like that. I just don't think people realize how good they are supposed to feel. Treat yourself the absolute best while you're here so you have a great life and feel good and you look good too.

I've always been excited about getting up to go to the gym. For me it's like Christmas everyday but since I've started taking photographs, it's like a whole new world opened up to me that I didn't see before so to end the day with the sunset is such a blessing for me. I so very much look forward to it everyday, especially when I look back and see how different and beautiful they all are in their own way, just like each one of us. We all have in us so much to offer the world and when we each figure out what that is, it's truly beautiful! So, for me, I think, "why sleep?" I'm so excited to wake up and see how the day is going to unfold. So here's to doing what makes you happy and to putting the best information in you body (thoughts and food) and to never missing a sunset or a workout! Until tomorrow! Dream in color...

April :)

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